Although it is a quite old car (since 2005), the Ferrari FXX Supercar is one of my favorites Ferrari. This sports car is a great display of new car technology that includes innovations from Ferrari, along with other companies that have continuously contracted parts in association with it. The Enzo is the supercar that the FXX is based on, but there are specific functions found on the FXX, that are not found on the Enzo, which makes the FXX a complete car of it’s own accord.

Ferrari FXX

The engine, and other standard operating systems for the car, are modeled after the Enzo as well, but have been modified to accommodate differing fuel standards, and other technological restrictions.

Ferrari FXX

The Ferrari FXX is a great car that cannot be mass-produced, mainly due to production costs, but also due to the fact that only few are willing to purchase such an exotic car due to the extensively high $ 1,773,000 (or 1,500,000 Euro price). Thus only 29 units of this powerful sports car were built. The Ferrari FXX computer technology held inside the car also makes for a great driving experience, and tells the driver how their technique can be improved to assist their ability to function along with it.

Ferrari FXX

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