Favorite Animation Movie: Cars 2!

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It is almost week-end guys!

And I know it must have been a rough week for you since all we do is work and work, but at least some hours on the week-end should be reserved to having a relaxing and good time. And what is the best medicine to a tiring and stressing week?

A nice dinner, some good wine and a magnificent company. Oh, wait! I forgot about the movie. And what movie do you think will release all your tension if not an animated one?  They are fun, have an easy storyline and they present real life situations in a amusing manner. As a recommendation I would like to present, for those of you who haven’t seen it: the movie Cars 2!

As the title promises you will see an amazing animated story that revolves around three main characters, the same that you met in Cars 1. And if you haven’t met them I am sure that the second round will open your appetite for them. But first thing is first.

The movie Cars 2 revolves around three cars that fight in an anthropomorphic world, much crueler than our own: Lightning McQueen, his friend Mater and a British spy called Finn McMissile. The former two characters prepare themselves to take part in the biggest race on the planet, World Grand Prix, but their job is interrupted by a secret mission that will take them through countries like Japan and Italy. However, all troubles are resolved by the two buddies and their helpful friends which are always ready to unite their powerful wheels and turn a negative into a positive. Enough for now or I am going to ruin the mystery for you. Just get into high gear and prepare yourself for a movie that has everything: friends, tuned cars, races, betrayal and happy-end.

Now that we have cleared things out, it is important to talk about the cast of Cars 2. Among our favorite voices we will find Larry the Cable Guy as Mater, the tow truck of Radiator Springs, the lead character Lightning McQueen played by Owen Wilson and Sir Michael Caine as Finn McMissile, the British spy. The movie Cars 2 is definitely one that will make your evening a little bit brighter and that will make you laugh your ass off, getting rid of that whole bad energy.

And the cast of Cars 2  is surely  an exceptionally one whom you had the pleasure to see in movies like Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales, Tooth Fairy 2 (Larry the Cable Guy),  Anaconda, Midnight in Paris (Owen Wilson), Alfie, Bewitched ( Sir Michael Caine).

In addition to this, as special guest, the public has the honor to see  the racing driver Lewis Hamilton, who does a mighty job playing… himself.

This is pretty much what the movie and cast of Cars 2 have to offer. Even if they do not compete among the newest films, both portrayals (Cars 1 and its sequel) remain alive in the public’s heart and are always recommended to those who want to relax and spend almost 2 hours away from the daily stress. 

Curious to see what it is all about?