Fancy tuning and optimistic name: Cadilac Ciel!

Here is another concept presented at the 2011 LA Auto Show that will surprise your senses: Cadilac Ciel.

Named after the French word “sky”, a single ride with this awesome car will get you floating on the highest clouds. This convertible features “gangster” suicide doors which go excellent with its half “naked” style.

In order to complete the picture of this magnificent fierce car, under the hood the manufacturers placed a direct injected 3.6-liter V6 and electric motor that uses a lithium-ion battery. This combination brings out a power of  425 horsepower and 583 newton meters of torque that really make justice to its looks.

Is like seeing an X-ray of Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba and discover that their interior is made of gold. This car is absolutely perfect from head to toes…..and backwards.

We still don’t know whether this car will enter the production line or not, but some rumors say that we might be lucky. Fingers crossed!