Fabulous and Entertaining Cars Games For Kids!

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I have been put recently in the position of taking care of some kids, who happened to have the energy of their life. Now, I know I am not 50 years old (which is not old either!), but I still think that these kids should have a stop button. Or at least a pause one.

And don’t get me wrong: I am all about teaching children how to spend time in the nature and enjoy the fresh environment while it lasts, but sometimes a bit of time in front of a video game is simply a God’s gift. For parents I am sure. I only have to babysit from time to time, but parents can’t sneak out of this. 

So I am sure that they are encouraging their kids to go and feel free to find the objects of their pleasure. If they have an army of boys around, finding  some cars games for kids online is a piece of cake.  However, they should not be discouraged if they have been blessed with a couple of girls. They too can be lured into some awesome cars games for girls that will make them forget all about those fake Barbie princesses.  

First thing is first. Let’s talk about the cars games for kids online that will keep both of the sexes happy. The best games for kids are those which can be played online. This is my humble, non -expert in IT opinion. This way the little ones can play games without having to install some creepy software and what is more important for parents is that they don’t have to pay anything for it.

With just one Google you will find games that teach the little ones how to drive a car, how to come out alive from the whole parking experience, how to do drifts or how to managed their hot, tuned cars. I know what you are probably thinking now: these are way too violent and unreal. True too! So when it will come the time to have a new driver in the family, make sure that you explain to him that life is not as in “Fast&Furious.” It is better! That, if you stay alive!

Hoping that I haven’t freaked you out for good, I will move to the second part of the topic: cars games for girls. Ladies, you know how cruel the society can be about our driving skills. It is time we fight back and teach our girls how to do it. The cutest cars games for girls include of course pink cars, Hello Kitty logos, circuits, racing cars and cute guys. For moral support!

Thank God we live in a democratic world, where now everyone gets to enjoy the freedom of expression. Since equality is the main word, parents can be relieved that their children will be able to learn everything about their favorite sports or passions, regardless of their age, gender or race.

Encourage these educative games for your kids, but don’t forget about your role as a parent. That is to educate and empower your little ones in a world that takes everything for granted.

Information is the key to success. Use it!