Everything You Need To Do To Get Your Car Ready For Summer




It might not seem like it now, but summer is only a few months away. So, as soon as the weather starts getting warmer, there is no better time to make sure your wheels are up to scratch. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through all the things you need to look at. Read on to find out about making improvements to your tyres, checking your system, And ensuring the best and safest ride possible.

Oil service

You should be checking your oil levels at least once a month – more if you drive for long distances. But, don’t forget to change your engine oil, too. You’ll find the full details in your owner’s manual, and make sure that you follow the instructions down the last letter. Use the right oil or your engine won’t perform as well as it could. Also, don’t forget that during the summer, your engine may use more oil and water for cooling, so a few extra checks during spring will only help you out.

Tyre checking

Tyres can play up a little during the summer, due to the heat. You can get specialist tyres – take this Falken ZE914 set as an example. However, you don’t have to spend too big, Checking your inflation pressure every two weeks will keep your car running at an optimum level. You’ll use less fuel, and also avoid speeding up any wearing issues. Keep an eye on general wear – if your tyres are bald and the police stop you, it can get you into a little trouble.

Cooling and air con maintenance

During the summer, driving can be an uncomfortable experience. When that sun is beating down, nothing is worse than when your air con system is faulty. You’ll have to have all the windows down, but this can cause drag and up your fuel costs. So, as the winter turns to spring, it’s the best chance of making sure that your systems are working well. Don’t forget about your engine coolant, either. Check your radiator cap to make sure it isn’t cracked, or it could lead to severe overheating.

Windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers might get overworked during the winter, but it’s during the summer when their toughest job comes about. All that dust that flies around will end up on your windscreen, and without good wipers, you’re getting smears. It can be incredibly dangerous, of course, so give your wipers a once over before spring is out.

Check your emergency kit

We would like to think that all our readers are sensible enough to carry an emergency kit in the car. However, we also appreciate that you might need a little nudge to make sure everything is still up to scratch. Water is essential in the summer, of course. You never know when you are going to spring a leak in your radiator, and it could be the difference between getting home and being stranded. Plus, it might keep you hydrated while you wait for a pickup truck. Finally, check through all your bandages, too. They all have an expiry date, and you can’t guarantee sterilisation if they are out of date.