Enjoying the Perks of Becoming an Owner-Operator

Becoming an owner-operator is one of the biggest steps for many truck drivers in the industry. It gives you the freedom to make your own choices, as well as the confidence to continue to enjoy doing what you love and loving how you do it.

There are many perks of being a truck driver, but as an owner-operator, you’ll find that you can enjoy many more benefits that you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter without taking on this responsibility.


Struggling to find the balance between doing your job and living your life can be difficult if you’re not an owner operator. You may be forced to take loads you don’t want or live on a schedule that doesn’t suit your needs properly. As an owner-operator, you can create your own schedule that will allow you to take loads when you want, as well as how many loads you are able to take on a regular basis.


Receiving the Right Pay

When you partner with the right company, instead of forcing yourself to work loads of overtime for pennies on the dollar, you can be paid a fair percentage of every load you haul. This can be extremely helpful for when you are trying to limit yourself to what you can handle, as you know you will be paid regardless of how many loads you choose to take.

Creating a Schedule

One of the biggest perks about becoming an owner-operator is the ability to create your own schedule. Instead of waiting for loads that never come, you can have the option to be informed of what loads are available and where they are going. Then, you have the option to accept or deny these loads, based on your own personal preferences. Your schedule should be created by you, not by the company you are working for.

Taking the leap into the next responsibility as a truck driver may sound like a scary decision, but when you weigh out the benefits, you will see it as a choice you should have made a long time ago.