Electrifying 1995 Honda Accord!

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I would say that cars are like wines: the older they get the better they look, but this is not quite true unless you take real good care of them.

As it is the example of this 1995 Honda Accord. Tuned by Lethal Customs, this Honda looks damn good with a combination of Electric Blue for the top and Silver for the bottom.Next to the color we also get a Black Widow 2 body kit and hood, eliminating any additional and unnecessary items like mirrors, door handles or emblems.

An while we are still on the outside aspect, it is important to know about the 20-inch Starr wheels with 225/30/20 tires. What else would it go with the H22 motor and the T3/T4 turbo kit?

The indoor is also captivating since it is covered with Blue and Gray suede and fiberglass ( dash, door panels,speakers, sub-woofer box, Yonaka Racing Seats etc.).

Let’s face it: it looks hot!












Source:  www.japanesesportcars.com