Electric Audi at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 has come with some gorgeous cars that simply take your breath away. But this doesn’t mean that funny-looking concepts haven’t found their way into the show.

Audi Urban Concept Sportback is an example that you will find more than in tone with this statement.We’ve been telling you about it, and now here it is!

As well as its sister (Audi Urban Spider) this Sportback has 2 electric motors under the hood that combine in order to generate  15 kW (20 PS) of continuous power and 47 Nm (34.67 lb-ft) of torque.

The li-ion battery (7.1 kWh of usable energy) can go up to 45 miles and can reach  62 mph in 16.9 seconds. Perfect for the city!

Not bad for a little “weirdo”!



Via www.autoblog.com