Driving Myths That Modern Motorists Should Stop Falling For


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As drivers, we’re all vulnerable to believing things we’ve been told to be gospel. Whether the statements are outdated or simply false, those inaccuracies can cause problems behind the wheel. The negative influences can impact safety, finances, and enjoyment. Here are just five that you must look to eradicate ASAP. Make sure you do, and driving activities will be greatly improved.

Owning A Vehicle Is Vital

 Even before you take your first lesson, you’ll undoubtedly have a vision of cruising the streets in your dream first car. However, you don’t necessarily need to buy it. In truth, leasing has become an increasingly popular option for many reasons. Firstly, it reduces the need for a huge down payment. Meanwhile, it will often enable you to access a better, safer vehicle without worrying about the depreciation. Given that you’ll probably upgrade to a new model every 3-5 years, you’d be a fool to ignore this option entirely.


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My City Car Can’t Handle Motorways

 No two models are identical, and they all serve different functions with varying degrees of comfort. But while the general feeling is that most city cars will struggle on the big roads, this doesn’t need to be the case. This guide to gaining a better performance from your engine should get you through even the longest of commutes. If this can save you from having to add a second vehicle to your life, it has to be a worthwhile investment of time.   

Newer Cars Don’t Need As Much Maintenance

 If you are lucky enough to purchase or lease a brand new motor, you may assume that a yearly MOT and service will be enough. However, you still have a huge responsibility to keep the vehicle in great health, and it needs to be a daily task. Keeping the wheel psi levels at a suitable standard is essential at all times. Furthermore, you must take the time to read the manual to understand all warning lights and signals. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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I Walked Away From An Accident; I’m Perfectly Fine

 Regardless of how safe you are as a driver, there’s always a chance that you’ll suffer an accident at some stage. Being able to walk away from it without any physical injuries is a blessing, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore the necessary protocols. Car accident lawyers can help determine emotional scars as well as damage to the vehicle before fighting for the justice you deserve. Even small crashes can change your life forever, removing the money worries will at least enable you to focus on other areas of recovery.   

The Engine Needs To Warm Up

 Most driving myths revolve around the way you actually drive, and the subheading title is just one of them. Modern cars don’t require this, and you’re simply wasting time and fuel by doing it. Similarly, premium gas doesn’t clean out the tank any better than standard options. Oh, and you don’t need to keep your hands at the 10 to 2 position either. Forget all of those myths and concentrate on factors that will improve your driving experiences.