Driven or towed? Behind the scenes of an auto show


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Auto shows are a great way for enthusiasts to see brand new and classic cars in a fun environment. Often taking place in large convention centres, or similar venues, they are attended by representatives from across the auto industry. Attendees will often come to learn more about new cars, show off their own classic vehicles, or to see interesting models such as concept cars that might never make it to the market. But how are auto shows organised? Here are some things that happen behind the scenes.

Choosing a venue

Auto shows can be huge events, and that means a venue needs to be found where dealers can show off their latest vehicles. Organisers will also need to ensure there’s access for vehicles of all sizes, from cars to tilt tray trucks, which will then need to be moved around to their display area. Most venues have a large delivery door, which will be big enough to bring cars through without too much trouble, although there can be issues with logistics. Some venues have gone as far as taking off the doors, or even the roof, to accommodate larger cars.

Auto shows

Auto shows take place across the world, and there are five particularly important events for the industry which take place in Detroit, Tokyo, and European cities. However, there are also dozens of smaller shows, many of them with their own niche. For example, they may only showcase cars made in that country, or they may be dedicated to classic cars.

Auto shows are a way for manufacturers to show upcoming vehicles, and you’ll often see car dealers at these events choosing stock for their dealership. However, it can also be a good place for potential buyers to find a car, as they can find out more about the features available, and can often get a great deal.

yellow car loaded onto an executive towing servoces truck in Perth WA
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Drive or tow?

Dealers who need to get their cars to the venue will often have to debate whether to drive it there or get it towed. Driving brand new cars will up their mileage, and can cut down the value, so dealers may use Executive Towing Services to get the car to the venue on time. Some owners also don’t like to add too many miles to their classic car, and will also go for the towing option to avoid wear and tear. Once they’ve arrived, the cars will usually be dropped off at the delivery entrance, and can be driven to the exhibition stand. This needs to be carefully co-ordinated, and auto shows can be difficult to organise, with specialist companies running these events.

Consumers who are thinking of buying a car, or dealers who want to check out next year’s stock, should consider looking for local auto shows. They’re a great way to see lots of different cars in one setting, and to see demonstrations of features. With lots of interesting events going on, as well as fellow car enthusiasts to talk to, it’s the perfect day out for anyone who loves cars.