Do you see the resemblance? This sneaker is inspired by the Lexus IS 2021

We can all easily get some rest at night now that one of the big questions in the world is, what would a Lexus IS look like if it were a shoe? – was answered. Lexus partnered with streetwear brand RTFKT to create a sneaker inspired by the Lexus IS 2021.

The project is part of a Lexus campaign called “All In” that celebrates people who are passionate about their craft. For cynics, this is a campaign that uses non-automotive influencers to introduce IS to new audiences and attract younger customers to the Lexus brand.

RTFKT is the name of the first sneaker company to emerge from the world of gaming. Your footwear is based on the imaginative and futuristic styles typically found in video games and a quick glance on your website presents the shoes as digital items of various rarities that you might find in a game. Chris Le, Creative Director of RTFKT, said: “We wanted to make sure that when the audience looked at the sneaker, they knew immediately that it was ISIS.”

We’re not so sure about that, though. Without the Lexus F Sport logo on the side, the Lexus badge on the Velcro, and the model name on the back, it would be hard to guess that it had anything to do with a now 472bhp Janese sports sedan.

RTFKT explains that certain design elements are inspired by the car. The chunky black sole was created from a tire, for example. The front of the shoe is said to be a version of Lexus’ trademark spindle grille (although we don’t actually see it). A 3D printed “spoiler” with a carbon fiber pattern on the back of the sneaker approaches the actual trunk lid wing of the Lexus.

The sides of the sneaker use the black NuLuxe material of the vehicle interior with light gray stitching from the seats. The center silver stripe was “inspired by the details of the headlights,” though given the “L” of the “L” DRLs in previous Lexus IS sedans, we’re surprised the collaboration doesn’t work with Nike. To be fair, the DRL integration of the new IS is much more pleasant to look at. Finally, the color Grecian Water Blue, one of the signature colors of the new IS, can be seen throughout the shoe.

“All the intricate design elements come together and at first glance it’s a neckbreaker,” said Steven Ztio, CEO of RTFKT. We are probably unable to comment on the accuracy of this statement, but neither is anyone else. As it turns out, no one will wear it because it is a one-of-a-kind piece that will never go on sale.

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