Do you remember the first Maruti 800 in the country? This is how it looks now

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Maruti 800 is known as a people’s car in the Indian market. It is no longer on sale but had a long stay over 25 years ago Maruti The Maruti 800 SS80 was launched in 1983. In fact, the very first model was delivered to its owner Harpal Singh by the country’s then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Singh used the car for over two decades but later neglected it because of its poor health. Now in 2021, its prized possessions have been restored to restore its iconic status. Here’s a video from TurboXtreme’s YouTube channel showing what it looks like now as they take it out on a spin.

The restoration work will be carried out by AGM Technologies, based in Delhi. While the SS80’s design looks old now, the tuner has given the car enough modernity. Starting from the beginning, it now sports a classic red color scheme. Other changes concern new customer-specific headlights with projector units from Hella as well as LED daytime running lights and indicators from the aftermarket. Interestingly, all of these fancy lighting elements are included in the original rectangular headlight assemblies. The grille is also custom-made. For the improved, sportier peal, a splitter is placed under the front bumper.

Maruti 800 Ss80 Restored front 3 quartersThe headlight assemblies are now equipped with projectors and LED daytime running lights.

On the sides, the standard Steelies are replaced by 12-inch alloy wheels with a black finish, fitted with tubeless tires with 165 sections. The original dashboard remains on the inside. However, it is now wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl. Other add-ons are a tachometer, new seat cushions and a new steering wheel. The mechanical improvements now receive power steering and brakes as well as air conditioning. The carburetor is now gone and entering the fuel injection system of the 796cc 3 cylinder F8D gasoline engine. The engine is connected to a 4-speed MT here.

Maruti 800 Ss80 Restored front 3 quarters 1The original steel rims are fitted with a set of 12-inch alloy wheels to emphasize the sporty quotient.

In the video, the moderator explains that it feels like a classic car. Considering it is now roughly 30 years old, it certainly deserves respect that is generally reserved for vintage cars. Speaking of the total cost of this restoration work: INR 6 lakh. The restoration work also includes the complete overhaul of mechanical parts such as the engine, transmission and suspensions.

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