Cycle Vs Motorcycle: Which Is The Best For You?

For so many of us speed freaks, there is little doubt in your mind which is better. After all, owning a motorcycle means you can get to places quickly and with a bit more style. But think about it, is one safer than the other? And not just when it comes to style, but which ones lend themselves better in everyday situations? Let’s have a look and weigh up the pros and cons of each.

The Motorbike


The first glaring difference between the two is that the motorbike has an engine. But apart from the vastly improved horsepower in comparison to pedaling something with your legs, it’s important to point out that with motorcyclists, there appears to be a higher amount of riders who disregard standard traffic laws. You only need to spend a bit of time in a car to see some reckless rider weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds. With one slip up it could cause a massive accident. So while a motorcycle will get you where you’re going much quicker, the bicycle will get you there safer! But safety aside, if you’ve got a sensible head on your shoulders you won’t put your life at risk every time you get on the road, so when it comes to getting from A to B in style, a motorbike is a vastly more superior method. You only have to look at the age old example of the Harley Davidson to get an idea, and you can find out more about Harleys here if you are making the upgrade from bicycle to a motorbike. The other major difference is cost, operating a motorbike requires a lot more money!

The Bicycle

You may think that’s it completely inferior to the bike, but they have quite a few things in common. Handling corners are something that motorcycles can struggle with, especially if they are on a blind corner. With bicycles, there is a lot less impact on your safety primarily due to the speed you are going, but also the proper safety practices and clothing you are equipped with means you are more likely to escape from bicycle accidents than a motorcycle one. The thing that unites a motorcycle with a bicycle is that the technique is exactly the same. The only thing that is different is the speed. Turning corners has the same process on both vehicles so it is a skill that can be applied if you’re making the transition from bicycle to a motorbike, so you can use lessons learned from one vehicle and apply it to another.

Ultimately a bicycle is arguably safer than a motorbike, but the main factors that break the two are the knowledge of safety. People that learn to ride a bicycle aren’t always knowledgeable about the rules of the road. And people who ride motorcycles have to be trained in the rules of the road but may disregard this safety on occasion because of the nifty nature of the vehicle and being able to operate at high speeds. And while a bicycle is cheaper, a motorbike has a lot more benefits overall.