Crash, Squeak, Eek Are Sounds You Don’t Want To Ignore In Your Car


You can think of a car as a living thing. Just like any animal, it will tell you when something’s wrong. Usually, it will make noises. You might hear a squeaking, bleeping, grinding noise that is telling you something has gone wrong with your vehicle. It still works, and you can still drive it, but there’s a problem lurking beneath the surface that you shouldn’t ignore. What’s the problem? Well, that can vary and the best way to make sure you diagnose it correctly is by familiarising yourself with the causes of these noises.



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If you hear a screeching noise when you press the brakes we have bad news. Your brake pads need to be replaced. Don’t worry, it’s not a major concern, and it certainly doesn’t mean one day you’ll be driving down the road when they fail to work. Brake pads take a while to wear down even after they start making that noise. You just don’t want to put it off too long. Otherwise, you might find that your car is no longer safe to drive on the road.

You might also find that your car starts screeching at high speed. This will often mean there is a hole in the windshield. While not as serious as some other car problems it can be dangerous. Particularly, if the break has actually damaged the structure of the windscreen. Windscreens are designed to smash in a very specific way to limit potential damage. However, any previous damage can affect this in a crash. Windscreens are often quite easy to repair, and you can even get a DIY kit. The only problem is finding where that tiny hole is.

Grinding Grating


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Do you hear grinding gears when you are trying to put your car into first? This could be a problem with your transmission. You should get this checked out by one of the many transmission repair shops. They will be able to fix the problem for you. An issue like this isn’t usually dangerous but by continuing to use the car without fixing it you can make the problem worse. It will eventually lead to either a more expensive repair or a complete replacement.

You might also hear a grinding, grating noise coming from within your engine. This tends to mean that two pieces of the engine aren’t fitting together as they should. Instead they are pushing against one another, causing that grinding noise. You won’t be able to ignore this one. When the engine is on, it will be incredibly loud. You might also find little cuttings of metal floating in the engine oil. A mechanic can help you fix the problem before any further damage is done.

Big Bang


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Or finally, if your car makes a big bang when you switch it on like the sound of a gunshot get it checked out immediately. This is likely an issue with catalytic converter and it’s probably not working as it should. Again, don’t panic your car isn’t going to explode but it’s probably not doing wonders for the environment.