Comparing the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series


In terms of competing car brands, there have always been battle lines drawn between Audi and BMW. Not only do both place an emphasis on designing high performance vehicles with excellent specifications, for example, but they also use innovation as a way of improving the consumers’ experience. It is therefore interesting to compare the Audi A3 and BMW 1 series, which have been pitted in direct competition and forced customers to make some difficult decisions over the course of the last year.

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The Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series: 3 Points to Keep in Mind

With this in mind, what are the three main points of comparison when appraising these two ranges? Consider the following:  

  1. Exterior Appearance

It is hard to compare the exterior appearance of the vehicles in these ranges, primarily because they are so different from one another. From the perspective of a male consumer, it is fair to say that the BMW 1 series is more appealing as it is extremely masculine and gives the impression of strength and durability. Although it would be unfair to suggest that Audi 3 series exterior is not impressive, it has adopted a slightly more unisex aesthetic and the use of LED strips certainly helps to appeal to a wider consumer demographic.

  1. Gadgets and Technology

Gadgets and technology are extremely important when it comes to automobiles, as they can enhance the typical motorists experience and enable them to achieve greater value for their hard earned money. The BMW 1 series arguably edges this battle too, as its vast LCD screen has excellent capacity and is easy to read even in the glare of bright sunshine. This also has safety connotations, so it is definitely a key benefit. The Audi A3’s navigational system is nowhere near as effective or capacious, while its positioning can make it awkward to view clearly while driving.

  1. Sound and Audio

While it may seem as though the BMW 1 series is leading the way in terms of comparisons, the Audi A3 leads the way with regards to sound and audio. While the BMW sound-system actively lacks audio capacity and power, the Audi A3 delivers exceptional performance and also comes equipped with speakers with integrated bass. Although this may not be your first consideration when purchasing a car or distinguishing between the two ranges, it will have an impact on your final decision.

The ultimate choice is yours, but for consumers who are leaning towards purchasing the Audi A3 visit today.