Company Introduces a Laser That Will Help Prevent Rear-End Collisions in Bad Weather

Let’s say you’re driving down the highway and it begins to rain. The rain gets worse and worse until it becomes nearly impossible to see a vehicle that isn’t directly in front of you. You slow down, take safety precautions and try paying extra attention to the road. You come upon some traffic and you slow down. As your lane slowly comes to a stop, so do you. Unfortunately, the person behind, who did not slow down when he or she first drove into the rain, was going full speed and didn’t see your car until it was too late. The truth is, no matter how careful you are when you drive, there will always be someone who is in a hurry and is willing to put the life of others at risk to get to their destination.


Gizmodo featured a gadget recently that will help make the roads safer, even during bad weather. Civil Laser is a laser company that produces a variety of laser products has released a product that is meant to help prevent crashes in bad weather, such as fog or rain. The laser attaches to the back of your vehicle and shines a laser which will make a red line on the road behind your vehicle during good weather, and will project a triangle with a bright line at the bottom during bad weather. This will catch the attention of drivers riding behind you and will help them see you during bad weather.

Installing the laser is easy. The light is mounted using double-sided stickers (or for a more permanent placement you can use screws), the wires can be connected to a 37V voltage power supply, then the light is adjusted until you are happy with how far back the red line is. The unit is built to withstand high temperatures, heavy rain and is corrosion-resistant. It can work for over 24 hours continuously and will not fade over time. The best places to install the laser include the license plate light, the brake lights, or on the real fog light. The most frequently used is the license plate light.

The red fog laser can be purchased from Civil Laser through their website for $108 plus shipping. If you search online for these lasers you will find a huge amount of cheap quality ones. There are even some on Amazon available for only $5.99. The only issue with that is that most of the reviews of those cheaper versions are all negative. The biggest complaint individuals had after purchasing the cheaper version of this product is that the housing is not weather proof like the seller claims and some parts of the wire are exposed, making it impossible to keep them from rain or heat. Many ordered the product and were excited to see if it worked. Unfortunately, once they actually installed it they realized that it would only last anywhere from a few hours to one day. Their only options were to purchase a new cheap one and reinforce it themselves, order a new cheap one and hope the last one was just a bad lemon, or purchase the real version and have a much better quality with a longer life. Those who have purchased the higher quality version have found that it not only helps with bad weather, it helps drivers keep a safe distance from their vehicle even in great weather. Truckers found this gadget to be excellent for keeping drivers a much safer distance that those stickers that explain, “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” Motorcyclists also found it helps drivers keep a safe distance from their motorcycles and this gives them peace of mind while riding.

If you’ve always worried about your safety when driving through bad weather, this gadget may be a good idea for you. You can’t just drop everything you have to do on a day to day basis just because there is bad weather. Luckily, this product could help you get through your daily commute safely even through heavy fog or rain. There are a few brands out there to try from, but remember to stay away from the cheap knock-off versions unless you plan on reinforcing the until yourself.

Driving safe means more than just being a safe driver, it also means being a defensive driver. If you’ve received a moving violation or traffic ticket, look up online traffic school courses that may help you get your citation dismissed or avoid points being added to your license (depending on your state of residence). You can also benefit if your car insurance provider offers safe driver discounts for individuals who voluntarily sign up for traffic school.

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