Common faults of a Citroen

Common faults of a Citroen

Citroen cars have been a very common sight on roads in the UK due to their reasonable pricing and good quality build specifications. From small two door run-abouts like the Saxo to larger people carriers like the Xsara Picasso they are a popular choice amongst the car driving population looking for good value for money. The Berlingo is particularly popular as a utility vehicle which, because of its height, is a good option for drivers needing to accommodate a wheel chair user in the back.

Common faults of a Citroen
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Like all cars though, they have common faults across the ranges and with Citroen it seems that rear axle damage is a fairly regular occurrence. With the ever worsening situation on our roads this problem can only become more severe as car suspensions and axles take quite a pounding from the pot holed and cracked road surfaces. While those driving newer Citroen models may be obliged to use their local dealers because of warranty considerations, drivers of older vehicles have more options available to them.

A growth industry resulting from the state of our roads is the sale of second hand car parts from scrap yards. Every town seems to have one or more on the outskirts and they are often seen alongside motorways, with wrecked cars piled on top of each other consisting of different makes and models. The good thing, though, is that although these cars are no longer roadworthy, the parts inside might be perfectly serviceable – some could even be almost brand new.

The main issue though, is dedicating the time and trouble that you will have to apply in searching for the right part. Breakeryard can solve this problem as they will take all the hard work out of sourcing the part you need and deliver it directly to your home. There is always a good chance that there will be recycled Citroen parts somewhere at bargain prices.

As stated above, you will more than likely be looking for a replacement rear axle, should you have been unfortunate enough to hit a particularly bad hole in the road. This part is vital to the safe handling of the car as it literally joins the car chassis to the back wheels, while being the housing for both the braking system and rear suspension joints. Another safety feature within the rear axle is the anti-roll bar; thus, furthering the point that you will be unable to drive your Citroen with a damaged rear axle.

The following figures illustrate the savings that can be found when buying parts through Breakeryard and demonstrate how relatively inexpensive a replacement rear axle is for a Citroen car. Let’s look, for example, at the price of rear axles on two Citroen models – the Berlingo and the Saxo.

Scrap price
CITROEN BERLINGO Axle Rear   £144.01
CITROEN SAXO Axle Rear               £124.08

These are the average prices from a number of second hand rear axles that have previously been sold and, when compared to prices from other suppliers, the savings become blatantly apparent. Obviously the second hand part has to be in fully serviceable condition, but the savings to be made will definitely make it worth your while when purchasing a replacement rear axle for your Citroen from Breakeryard.

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