Comedian David Spade is too embarrassed to drive a car he was given by Adam Sandler

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David Spade and Adam Sandler are two actors whose friendship spans may years. Most of their time together has been in the Hollywood business. Though Adam Sandler has outpaced his friend and is now worth $100 million.

Adam Sandler Maserati
a luxury £130,000 Maserati car

Because Adams Sandler is extremely rich he was able to splash brand new Maserati David Spade and three of his co actors in appreciation of their talent.

Despite this generosity Adam Sandler will have to think twice on how to splash his money in the future given the words of David Spade when he appeared on the Wednesday today show with Jay leno. David Spade said he felt embarrassed to receive such a gift from his long time friend and this was the reason why he hadn’t driven it so far.