Clean style Passat CC by Streetec

Following the American way, the tuner Streetec managed the styling of the Passat CC in existing clean and elegant manner, resulting in more than impressive; starting with the exterior, where the apparent absence of all handles and logos, style “shaved” as is known.
Paint brother borrowed from Porsche (Nordischgold) out of the Volkswagen saloon in evidence, because the stark contrast between black and metallic orange.
The interior is designed like a fashion-victim particular, is dressed entirely in leather Alcantara Collony-Brown, tailored form of plaid.

Passat CC by Streetec

Follow the famous black Swarovski crystals, which have found their place plastic trims of the interior and audio-video line of super-performance offered by Zeneca and NXS.
In terms of power train, it is complemented by an air-ride suspension GAS V1’s remote controlled and a set of wheels Lorinser RSK3 20. The tires used are the 245/30 Pirelli P Zero Nero.

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