Civic Type R Production Comes to an End

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As the old adage rightly states, all good things must come to an end, and whatever your view happens to be on the Honda Civic, few of you will be pleased to discover that the end of an era is upon as at the moment. Come October, the Honda Civic Type R will no longer be in production and, though the reasons behind the move are perfectly justifiable (namely the fact that the vehicle does not comply with emissions standards), there will indeed be many readers out there who are a little saddened by this news. However, though this is not exactly pleasing news, there is a silver lining to this cloud in that the Honda plant in Swindon will continue to produce the vehicles for other markets, such as the Australian South African marketplaces.

Honda Civic Type R

Still, the fact that the Honda Civic Type R is no longer to be produced for the UK market will no doubt come as a surprise to many of you readers, as the car was, despite the emissions issue, a very popular number indeed selling in excess of 12,000 units since 2007.
Of course, the folks behind the scenes at Honda are more than a little aware that this news will signify the end of an era for many enthusiasts and as such are planning a special event on the 22nd of August which will coincide with the Silverstone leg of the British Touring Car Championship. There will be, amongst other perks, a Civic only car park at the event in order to help you fans pay your respects. However, there is obviously the option to buy any second hand Honda Civic available online from

For more information on this unfortunate situation and to find out how you too can pay your respects to one of the more popular Honda vehicles, visit the UK Honda website. It would appear that the saying ‘nothing gold can stay’ really was true after all.