Choosing Coles car insurance

Choosing Coles car insurance

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Choosing Coles car insurance

Coles car insurance is an option you can not dismiss when you are looking to ensure the protection of your car if an unfortunate event should happen. It gives you the confidence you need when dealing with a car accident.

What Coles car insurance has to offer

Coles car insurance is an insurance company with three options available for their cover. Firstly comes comprehensive car insurance which is a complete cover (in event of collision damage, damage to other property, theft etc). Secondly there is third party fire and theft car insurance (insures liability for 20 million), and lastly comes third party damage car cover (this is the only cover for other people’s damaged property or accident that was caused by you, as well as your damage caused by a driver with no insurance).

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages but comprehensive car insurance has higher rates than all the other covers at Coles car insurance.

More protection from Coles car insurance

Coles car insurance also comes with other features included in the standard cover.

– Lifetime guarantee on repairs take your worries away when it comes to a poor job done by the repairmain
– With new-for-new replacement, Coles car insurance can replace your car with a new one of the same make, series and model (only with comprehensive car insurance)
– Emergency towing and accommodation tows your car to the nearest repairer (which is approved by Coles car insurer), in case something were to happen to your car
– Grocery replacement is available for baby capsules, child seats and groceries (only with comprehensive car insurance).

In the optional pack for Coles car insurance you will find roadside assistance (open 24/7), so you will not have to worry about staying in once place for hours on end if your car should break down in the middle of the highway. Roadside assistence from Coles car insurance comes to your aid if you are dealing with a flat tire, out of gas, or any other more serious problems.

Choose Coles car insurance for yourself and your family

Coles car insurance
is a simple company which can take care of any customer in need of assistance in case of an auto accident. So make the best decision for yourself and your family, and choose Coles car insurance for guaranteed security.