Charlie Sheen’s Ferrari On eBay

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The title is correct. The famous actor is going to sell his favorite Ferrari 550 Maranello speed car. At first this could sound odd to you that someone like Charlie Sheen can look in selling his cars! Did he not get a fund management course? That’s very difficult to say.

Charlie Sheen’s Ferrari

What the information sources are beeping is simple. Charlie bought the super car, days back with millions of dollars. And now Denise Richards is going to engaged, I mean getting married, with Charlie. So, to meet the weeding costs, Charlie is sacrificing big by listing the super car on eBay.

The car itself is sensational apart from being from Charlie. It got tiger blood interior color. That’s rare. It’s a Ferrari 550, the most advanced one and it got the speed. The car is too hot to get.

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