Cars of the Future: The Technology Will Blow Your Mind

The cars of 2017 are safer and more manoeuvrable than ever before, however that doesn’t mean that they can’t keep getting better.  Car technology is advancing at the speed of light, and with that comes some pretty cool changes to the way we drive.  I’m sure you’re already fully aware of the autonomous driving technology that is currently being developed.  However, until our roads are ready for self-driving cars, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at some of the other techs that may be released first. YourParkingSpace has created an infographic which examines these in more detail.

From a safety perspective, the cars of the future will have safety sensors placed around the vehicle, monitoring its surroundings.  The aim is to help prevent future collisions.  It is also believed that we might see some kind of health monitoring systems, letting drivers know if they are getting fatigued or overly stressed behind the wheel.

It’s likely that driving will get cheaper as well.  Some manufacturers are looking into energy panels, which will store energy from the sun and feed it into the car as required.  This could be the end of flat batteries!

There are tons of new techs in the making, so read the infographic below to find out more.