Car Service – Why Important for your Vehicle?


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Buying a car can be a very exciting experience but at the same time maintaining it can be a real challenge and a daunting task. Most people who buy a car look at it as a long time investment and thus maintenance of a car is very important to ensure that it keeps running efficiently. However, many car owners have very little knowledge about car maintenance and do not know what exactly is required and how frequently should they get a car servicing done. In this article, we will look into the different aspect of car service and what you can do to ensure that your car is maintained properly and runs efficiently.


Experts recommend servicing your car every 5000 kilometers. This especially applies to cars that are used as per the conditions mentioned below:

  • If you make frequent short trips, like driving for less than 10 km. every day.
  • Driving in extreme weather condition
  • Driving in dusty condition
  • Driving on bad roads
  • Keeping the engine in idle position for longer periods
  • Driving in heavy traffic where you have to frequently stop and start
  • Driving on high speed for sustained period

If any of the above mentioned conditions match the conditions on which you drive your vehicle then you surely need to pay attention to regular car service as the only option to continue to get the most of your car. Now let’s look at different things that are involved in regular car service or regular car maintenance.

What is involved in Regular Car Service?

According a recent BBC report, a regular car service should include:

  • Checking whether the engine is running correctly
  • Checking the brakes and clutch of your car to see if there are any problems
  • Checking the tire pressure and thread to see if they are in good condition and properly inflated
  • Ensuring that the filters are replaced at proper intervals

If these things are taken care on a regular basis then your car will face fewer problems and you will be able to run it efficiently for a longer period of time without worrying about major maintenance expenses.

If you plan to take your vehicle to a car service center you may want to ensure that the following things are taken care of:

  • Engine oil and filters are replaced
  • Clean and check air filters and replace if needed
  • Check tires and tire pressure and inflate if needed as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Inspect the brake shoes or pads and brakes disc or drums and inspect the hand brake
  • Inspect the battery and do the load test check for any leakages and electrolyte level
  • Check brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield fluid and top up if needed
  • Check all suspension components for any damage and replace if necessary
  • Check if there is any leakage or damages to the fuel pipe

These are some important things to be checked and ensure that if there are any replacement or repair to be done get it done at the initial stage itself to save money and time. It is also important that you select your car service provider carefully. Always take your car to an authorized car service provider and ensure that they have the expertise required to take care of any problems that may have occurred.

Also ensure that the service station you select use the latest tools and methods that are recommended by the car manufacturer so that any problems can be effectively be detected and proper measures be taken to rectify the same. If there is a need for any parts to be replaced, ensure that only original parts are installed that are recommended by the manufacturer. Though, this may seem a little expensive initially, in the long run you would surely benefit and save form this.

Making the right and wise decision is important as far as car service is concerned. Follow the tips mentioned above and you would surely be able to get the most of your automobile. Still want to know more then let’s go the details for some more useful information.