Car Infographic: Road signs of the future

What can you say about the future of road signs and trafic? Everything is changing and we have to stay in touch with what’s new, to be safe. Here you have grea news about future road signs, offered by


A straddle bus route, recently showcased in China, plays with the idea of public transport that can ride above the normal traffic of the road.


Imagine, instead of seeing a picture of a stick figure struggling with a large shovel, there is a ‘Robots at Work’ sign with a large mechanical arm or android plastered on it.

RobotsatworkInPlace Robotsatwork

The sign itself would likely be similar to a ‘get in lane’ sign you may have seen and may feature near major motorways, prompting drivers to take the exit, pull their car onto the Hyperloop and enjoy the  stress-free ride.


With electric cars growing increasingly popular, tech companies have been trying to come up with creative solutions for quick electric car charging. One of these ideas is electric e-Charging lanes.

ECharging ChargingInPlace

A separate lane for autonomous cars will no doubt help reduce the potential for human error until autonomous cars become the norm.