Car Buyers’ How-To Handbook: Don’t Fall Victim to the Creative Math Car Salespeople Use to Confuse You!

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From the Publisher

how to buy a car responsiblyhow to buy a car responsibly

How to Use This “Handbook”, to Get The Best Deal on Your Next Vehicle!

The difference between this handbook, and every other “Car Dealer Secrets Revealed” book out there, is our created-from-scratch Car Buyers’ How-To Handbook Worksheets! Our readers agree they are essential for figuring out:

What vehicle they wantedHow much they could affordWhere to buy their next vehicleHow to get the best trade-in valueHow to get to your best possible deal with a stress-free car-buying experience

From The Car Buying Guide

worksheet, car buyers guidebook, car buyers guideworksheet, car buyers guidebook, car buyers guide

financial planning worksheetfinancial planning worksheet

how to buy a car, car buying guide, car buying book, car buying worksheethow to buy a car, car buying guide, car buying book, car buying worksheet

Financial Worksheets

This car buying guide is full of useful worksheets to help you make a rational decision when purchasing a vehicle. Don’t purchase a vehicle without having this information at hand!

Details on Financing

Your creditworthiness is your badge of honor in the world of consumerism. That’s why every credit offer on TV says “with exceptional credit.” Be exceptional!

Selection Worksheets

Highly detailed worksheets in this car-buying manual will help you choose the right car, get the most money for your trade-in, choose the right dealership, and more!

Martin Cannon, Marty CannonMartin Cannon, Marty Cannon

About The Author

With over 40 years in the automotive sales, retail, finance, and auto management industry, Martin Cannon knows all the angles car salespeople use to make the deal. Martin taught and trained car salespeople in professional selling systems and gimmicks used to routinely confuse the customer.

In this workbook, we discuss the dealership’s strategy and prepare you for every angle they use. Before you ever walk in the dealership door you will know your budget, the value of your trade, and the payment you will pay (to the penny).

Martin chose to create this book with his extensive industry knowledge after seeing customers repeatedly overspend on vehicles and consistently get less than they deserved on trades. His own customers supported him over the years and inspired him to create a handbook that provides the consumer with everything you need to know and do to get the best deal on your new or used vehicle for generations to come!


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