Car Accidents of the Rich and Famous

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We all recognise the need to drive carefully, but accidents can and do happen from time to time. Even with all the safety features that are found on modern cars, the occasional incident will still occur. Some of the most famous people on the planet have the occasional mishap. Here are a few of the most celebrated ones.

Justin Bieber – Pop star in a pile-up

Justin Bieber in his Ferrari

In 2011, Canadian heart-throb Justin Bieber got himself in a little bother when his Ferrari collided with a Honda in a Los Angeles parking garage. Thankfully, there were no injuries and neither car was badly damaged. The 17-year-old popster emerged unscathed, much to the relief of millions of ‘bebiebers’ around the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Not always good at corners

Cristiano Ronaldo Ferrari Crash

Current Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo once famously crashed his Ferrari in a tunnel close to Manchester Airport. In 2009, while still a United player, the Portuguese winger wrote the car off completely after colliding with a barrier. Luckily he was unhurt, despite the impact being so severe the car actually lost one of its wheels.

Andre Agassi – The wrong kind of smash

Andre Agassi in a car

Tennis legend Andre Agassi suffered back and arm problems after being rear-ended in 2000, while returning home from the Wimbledon tournament. He was in his car in Las Vegas when the incident occurred. Although he later made a full recovery, he had to withdraw from the USA’s crucial Davis Cup match against Spain, which they lost 5-0.

Rowan Atkinson – He’s ‘Bean’ a silly boy

Mr. Bean McLaren F1 Accident

Multi-talented comic Rowan Atkinson is a huge car fan, and has amassed an impressive collection of motors over the years. His beloved McLaren F1 was perhaps his favourite, but he had a serious accident in it in 2011, when it left the road and hit a tree. Rowan wasn’t badly hurt, mainly because he managed to get out before it burst into flames. Next time, a BMW 1 Series might be a little safer, Rowan…

Richard Hammond – Slow down, Hamster!

Richard Hammond 2006 Car Accident

British TV presenter Richard Hammond, affectionately known as the Hamster, survived a high-speed accident in 2006. He had been driving a jet-powered car for the ‘Top Gear’ show when he lost control at a speed of over 300mph. Although he suffered some very serious injuries, he has since gone on to make a full recovery.

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