Can the KTM 390 Adventure exceed 173 km / h? Let’s find out [Video]

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The KTM 390 adventure has larger dimensions compared to those of the KTM 390 Duke. But that doesn’t mean it’s less of a performer. The dual sports motorcycle shares the same 373.3 cc high-compression engine with its bare sibling. This liquid-cooled motor pumps out 43 HP and 37 Nm. Are these performance figures more than sufficient for the 390 Adventure to reach a speed north of 173 km / h? Let’s find out.

The video was uploaded by YouTuber “Bigbang Biker”. To test the top speed of the KTM 390 Adventure, the driver makes three attempts. On his first attempt, he reached 156 km / h. This is a test or practice run and we can see in the footage that the bike is not reaching its limits. On his second attempt, the driver reaches 166 km / h. He can’t go faster because of the strong gust of wind.

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The KTM 390 Adventure rider gives everything for his last and last start and reaches a top speed of 173 km / h. Since we can see that there is some RPM left before the redline, we think the bike would have gone a little faster if it had been pushed a little more. We would also like to point out that the weight of the driver, as I said, is 95 kg. The result would have been different if someone had ridden a motorcycle with less weight.

Can the KTM 390 Adventure exceed 173 km / h? Yes, we think it can. If you have a 390 Adventure let us know in the comments below the top speed you got on your motorcycle.

In other news, KTM recently unveiled the limited edition 1290 Super Duke RR. It’s the furthest beast in the Austrian brand’s stable, equipped with the most powerful V-twin engine ever used in a bare motorcycle. The 1290 Super Duke RR has 180 hp and weighs only 180 kg.

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