Cammus LCD Gauge: Everything You Need to Know


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Vehicles are always in need of the best quality LCD gauge to display essential parameters. Although you may find many of them in the market, here we are going to talk about Cammus LCD Gauge. It is one of the top-rated products in the market that supports 13 different parameters. The list includes intake pressure, speed, TPS, G Value, battery voltage, air-fuel ratio, intake air temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature, exhaust temperature, turbo, water temperature, and RPM.

It is important to note that Cammus LCD gauge is the first-ever round LCD racing gauge that comes with wide range of advanced features. It also supports plug and plays OBD/Sensor reading to ensure reliable interfacing. It is possible to use OBD interface and Cammus sensor at the same time to read sensor data in more convenient manner. Beginners can turn on the inverted mode to ensure trouble-free reading of all the parameters.

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Incredible features of Cammus LCD Gauge:

Cammus LCD gauge is capable enough to support multi-gauge within the series. Users can also prefer to install it in series fashion with the Cammus pointer racing gauge. However, you should not connect more than 5 elements in series. In case if you are planning to create mixed connections, it is important to make use of a specific type of wires

These LCD meter at present are available in multiple color ranges. You can make an easy selection out of 7 different options. There are different indicators for monitoring alarm function. It supports Max and Min value adjustments. While driving, whenever the vehicle exceeds its threshold levels; the system starts creating an alarming signal through light flashes or in some models via alarming signal.

This latest LCD gauge is designed using high-quality material. Manufacturers make use of Ultra-thin LCD, metal texture and all-aluminum. This amazing combination of materials also supports folding action with ease. Also, you can buy this LCD gauge in 4 different interface styles. The selection completely depends upon your preferences. Furthermore, this latest LCD unit operates through two dial models; you can either choose double gauge mode or go for single gauge.

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Other than this, LCD gauge can be controlled via remote and the system extends support to both English and Chinese language. There are four different options for acceleration selection as well. You can choose 0-100km/h, 0-200km/h, 100-200km/h and 0-400m. People find this gauge easier to use with its simplest features and easy control mechanism.

All car owners that are looking for some of the best LCD gauges in the market are advised to check the above-listed features of Commus round LCD meter review. It can offer incredible performance for the long run. Your vehicle needs best type of parameter reflector and there is nothing better than Cammus collections. You can rely on their performance due to their impressive features and enjoy incredible performance at reasonable price. Prefer to order your product now online from LCD gauge shop page.

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