Minicabs in London


Grabbing a taxi in London has always been a troublesome venture. We were okay with it till a decade ago when we realized that things can be much better. The black taxis that are so ubiquitous in London aren’t really doing it for us anymore; taxis need to be much more convenient. Standing around hoping to hail a taxi is too primitive and sometimes unreliable as well. Planning a trip where you go to multiple destinations is the most inconvenient part; you can either get a new taxi every time you change destinations or pay an exorbitant fee to have the taxi wait outside. Thankfully, due to a new service, all this will no longer be a problem.

Instead of black taxis, there is a new service called  Minicabit  which provides minicab service in modern cars. The biggest problems solved by the service are related to convenience and comfort. For example, if you want to make plans for the day you can simply reserve a minicabit. It will be there for you when you plan to leave. You can also pick up further passengers in the same minicab. Unlike black taxis the service has no issue if you want to prepay to pick up a few friends along the way. They even have vehicles if your party is 8 people, whereas with black taxis you would have had to get 2 taxis in such a scenario.

Even the pricing is easier. You can see how much the journey will cost from different services and choose the one providing the best fares. You can also see how long the journey will take, so you can simply plan your whole day and know how much time and money will be spent on travelling. It is very liberating to just reserve your cab through the web service for your whole journey and know that you don’t have to worry about transport the rest of the day. The service is also very convenient for airports and train stations; no more waiting in queue to go to your destination, as the service will have a cab waiting for you. This is the type of convenience which the information technology industry has been promising us for a long time.

You can pay by cash or credit card, you can book a return trip, and you can even cancel up till 25 minutes before the journey is supposed to start. While the service works great on smartphones you can access it from a computer as well. If you have a dog then you don’t have to worry about the driver having a problem with dogs, as you can choose the option to send a dog friendly vehicle. If someone in your party needs wheelchair access that is not a problem as wheelchair friendly vehicles are also available. If you want a luxurious experience you can even choose to be picked up in an executive vehicle. We don’t think we can go back to using black taxis after this service and we think you will feel the same way.