Britain Banning Petrol Vehicles

New plans emerge in Britain for all diesel and petrol vehicles to stop production from 2040 onwards. Part of the governments clean air plan, rising levels of nitrogen oxide are engulfing our planet and threatening our future. Ministers believe that this pollution is the highest risk to public health. However, could it be too late by 2040? Is there any point stopping now when we have already done too much damage to the planet and the environment? The government have only now decided to take these steps as they can’t shy away from it any longer and need to provide real solutions for this issue that has been going on far too long.

What does this mean for used car dealers? Although the sale of new petrol/diesel cars will stop, maybe this won’t affect the used vehicle industry. However, surely, we will eventually run out of functioning used cars? This could mean specialist used car companies like Blackburns UK could be put under strain. Richard from Blackburns UK says “there’s two sides to it really, it could make business boom due to higher demand, but could make sourcing high quality used vehicles almost impossible.”

2012 Ford Focus Electric

The pure number of electric cars that would have to be made, along with charging points, could put huge pressure on the industry. The cars need to be affordable also, to make sure everyone can have access to them. The huge amount of power needed to generate all these vehicles would put a huge strain on the national grid. Even though these electric cars are stopping pollution, they could also be draining our natural resources. Critics describe the plans as “too little too late”.

Research shows that up to 75% of the UK are against the plans for 2040. Less than 5% of the country are planning on their next car being electric. The government’s plans for all new cars being electric hybrids would mean we would need 10 new power stations across the country to cope with the demands. If so many people oppose are these plans a good idea? Or have we already made too much damage?