Book maintenance services for Hero motorcycles now on Whatsp!

Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters, has launched another digital initiative. With the new accessibility, customers can book maintenance services for Hero motorcycles at Whatsp.
Hero Xtreme 160r Featured ImageThe new digital initiative aims to help customers benefit from various services without any problems.

Hero MotoCorp offers a full range of sales and customer support services on Whatsp. Customers can now benefit from these services via an easy-to-interact, menu-based chatbot that can be accessed around the clock on the messaging platform. The aim is to offer new-age customers with digital know-how a seamless and easily accessible engagement.

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Naveen Chauhan, Head of Sales & Aftersales at Hero MotoCorp, commented on the new digital initiative as follows:

Hero MotoCorp strives to offer its customers the best solutions in its class. The initiation of Whatsp support corresponds to our goal of providing contactless and easily accessible sales and service options. With this new digital initiative, we want to strengthen our customer loyalty and at the same time provide problem-free, timely and effective solutions.

To access the new Whatsp services, customers can scan a QR code that is available at all Hero MotoCorp customer contact points. You can also call +918367796950 from their mobile device. Once initiated, customers can start the call at any time of the day and use a range of services, e.g.

  • Service booking and post-service feedback
  • Real-time status check of the vehicle to be repaired
  • Find the nearest workshop and showroom
  • Self-initiation of the job card
  • Vehicle inquiries and bookings
  • Service and maintenance plan
  • Digital copy of the sales and service invoice
  • Information on new models, TVCs, Goodlife program, Hero p, safety tips and maintenance videos

In other news, Hero MotoCorp has silently launched the new HF 100 commuter in the Indian market. It is another variant of the very popular Hero HF Deluxe. The new vehicle is the cheapest motorcycle in the company’s entire product range.

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