Bollinger unveils two versions of its B2 EV chassis

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The EV truck revolution isn’t just a distant fantasy, it’s basically already sharpened. Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to arrive later this year, Rivian is on its way to ship R1Ts, and Bollinger has just announced that the B2’s chassis will be available with six tires. That’s right, the EV truck movement is also officially coming for the double contingent.

The Detroit-based truck company will now offer multiple versions of its truck chassis. We’ve already covered the B2 chassis announcement, but now we have prices for all new models. More on that in a moment. Nicknamed the “CHASS-E”, the cheaper version of the two offerings will literally be just the chassis of the B2, but with the option for a double rear end. There’s no bed or cabin, just the frame, batteries, motors, and four or six tires.

If you need more than just the frame, there is the B2 CHASS-E cabin. As you may have guessed, this version comes with the B2’s front cabin already installed. Prices for the two chassis vary depending on how the engines are configured, and those who choose the pre-installed cabin will have to pay a little more for the privilege.

CHASS-No cab-es start at $ 55,000 on rear-wheel drive models. If you want “dual rear-wheel drive” (that’s double for the record) plan on spending an extra $ 2,500 on the extra wheels. Cabless, all-wheel drive CHASS-Es start at $ 80,000. If the cab is a must-have, prepare to spend $ 70,000 for rear-wheel drive models and $ 72,500 for twin rear-wheel drive models. All-wheel drive trucks with cabs cost $ 100,000. However, none of these numbers include a target fee.

The Bollinger is already an interesting, slightly more industrial alternative to the Cybertruck, R1T and Hummer EV. But now that you can only buy the chassis, your customization options are basically endless. Did someone say overlanding rig?


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