What’s in common for wind tunnels and models? We do not know, but it’s hard to mess with the new-media show at BMW.

BMW Wind Tunnel and Model

The company decided to begin promoting a “hardcore” of the new wind tunnel and was invited Sylvie van der Vaart in a photo session. Officially named “hair-stand experiment”, Sylvie started by wearing a Bordeaux dress, in the style of the ’80s. For the photo session was present a 1987 BMW 3 Series and everything was perfectly matched. Later, given the changed “decoration”, appeared a 2009 3 Series, offering good quality, more than stylish. As you can imagine, the differences between aerodynamics and air turbulence between the two cars were quite evident.

BMW Wind Tunnel and Model

Sylvie statements: “What difference compared to the previous model! I feel like the wind (on model 2009) – I had to check if they have enabled the tunnel”.

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