BMW vs. Mercedes which one is more attractive to girls

Some like Mercedes, therefore, they own a Mercedes, some adore BMW, of course, and they own BMW models. Ask any BMW owner to tell you something nice about Mercedes and pray he/she will remember a thing about it the same happens vice-versa.

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BMW is found to attract girls and feminized men but it a turnout that has nothing to do with that. BMW is driven by people who like durability before all. Mercedes is often driven by senior citizens. Therefore, youth will try to avoid it any time they have an opportunity.

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For people with lot money and much time Mercedes is a perfect choice, they rarely decide to change the first model they bought, and if they decide to switch it for something else, it has to be newer, more luxurious Mercedes.

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BMW models fit both to girls and boys, maybe more to girls. Women like stability and easy control, they are famous for being worse in driving than men and BMW models help a lot in performance. The controls in driving are much easier than driving a Mercedes. Mercedes is also more expensive than BMW and usually belongs to the people that can afford a new house beside a new car model. However, Mercedes will break down much frequently than BMW, more reasons for girls to buy BMW.

If they end up in the middle of the road with broken Mercedes, surely they will need the closes support a service, while with BMW this rarely happens.
Even if that happens with BMW thing is you will have to spend less money on repairs than with Mercedes?
Mercedes is not’ senior car ‘choice, it is just a choice of those who have experience in car repairs, and they are sick of it. At least, Mercedes’ owners say so. They prefer the comfort; smooth ride more than sport luxury BMW models. Those are Mercedes admirers, BMW admirers are in need for speed and showing around. BMW and Mercedes are rivals but both these brands will provide you with the best ride ever.

No matter rich or poor, young or old, man or woman the safety is the most important. Various accessories, safety equipment and trims will help in choice. You have to know what you want.

Are you fanatic of fast driving?
Do you wish smooth and easy ride with the possibility to speed up?

BMW is famous for their motto:” ultimate driving machine” but Mercedes believes that they do not need a motto to represent themselves, they need you to try it and enjoy in ride.
These are both great models, and you should be proud of having any in your possession. Maybe you could find that Mercedes has something that BMW has not, but soon when someone speeds by you on the road, you will notice that BMW has better shaped exterior mirrors.
It is possible that it will impress you in a way to dream about it, but don’t worry; you can switch it any time you want to.

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