A used BMW is one of the safer second hand purchases available. They have a robust quality and are renowned for high levels of reliability. They have a mass output but don’t compromise numbers for quality. Their sheer level of production also means there is an abundantly healthy second hand market ready for you to take advantage of, for example the bmw 1 series for sale.

BMW produced over 1.48million cars in 2010 and many if these are now being absorbed into the used car market. Unlike other lesser brands, the BMW is a relatively safe second-hand purchase after all the right checks are carried through. Parts are cheap due to mass availability, and their emphasis on precision engineering means reliability is good.


Any BMW you buy should be in possession of a valid MOT certificate, but don’t take for granted that the car is fine and roadworthy. The MOT is merely proof that the car was roadworthy at the time of inspection and there could till be underlying faults such as leaks or excessive wear.

The modern car is a piece of truly high tech gadgetry and premium models like the BMW are veritably space-age. Electrical checks and on board software are sometimes best left to the BMW dealerships and buying an approved used car from BMW directly can be a wise move.

If you do decide to buy privately or through a dealer, opt for an independent comprehensive check available from the likes of the AA or the RAC. A data check is also vital to gauge whether the car may have been written off or ‘clocked’ – an industry malpractice whereby the seller illicitly tampers with the mileage in order to ask a higher price.

BMW is a standard bearer for the motoring industry and to drive one of their vehicles represents something near the pinnacle of motoring experience, made affordable through the second hand market.