BMW UK cut prices on the brand’s first electric vehicle to ensure customers can continue to benefit from the UK government’s Plug-In Car Grant (PiCG). Under the new law, the Plug-In Car Grant has been cut from £ 3,000 to £ 2,500. In addition, only cars that cost less than £ 35,000 are allowed. As such, pre-grant on-road pricing now starts at £ 33,805 for the BMW i3 120Ah and £ 34,805 for the BMW i3s 120Ah. No changes have been made to the high standard specifications of either model.

The new BMW i3 and i3s Edition WindMill 46 830x553

The PiCG offers consumers up to £ 2,500 off the retail price of vehicles with less than 50g / km of CO2 that can travel at least 70 miles with no exhaust and a retail price of £ 35,000 or less. The fully electric BMW i3 has a range of 182-190 miles (WLTP) (173-150 miles WLTP for the BMW i3s).

BMW is one of the many automakers in the UK selling cars to cut prices or offer base models under the £ 35,000 threshold. According to BMW, there are over 22,000 i3 vehicles in the UK. BMW sold over 200,000 i3 models worldwide.

The i3 hatchback will soon be complemented by the electric vehicles BMW iX and i4 in the UK, which will arrive before the end of 2021. In addition, the BMW Group will have 13 fully electric models on the road from 2023, if at least one fully electric model is available.The model will be offered in around 90 percent of the company’s current market segments.