BMW Surprise with 328 Hommage

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The Bavarian Motor Works have once again put automobile enthusiasts and audience for another surprise. This week at Concorso Classic car show, the auto maker brand planned to celebrate its 75TH years of journey by unveiling the classic tempered BMW 328 Hommage.

BMW 328 Hommage

The look of the new breed greatly stands for the ever changing dynamism of the brand and well fits ‘homage’ itself. At first glance you might sense it out as modern car but sources confirmed this breed is unlikely a new one! It is custom upgrade of 1930 range. The knock off of this range started since 2008 and the new 328 is streamlined hedonic one.

The great car maker brand excelled in all true senses and tastes to reinvigorate their classic range charms with 328 Hommage.
Photos from BMW

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