When it comes to M3, the image is clear: Maximum sportive. But some find ways to beat tuners and beyond what the factory engineers would not change. And the M3 S54 E46 not deviates from the rule, not.
American tuner HPF (HorsePowerFreaks) realized that this beast has personality problems, so he was careful to treat them to “re-education”, that he extorted no less than 902 hp. How? Easy.

BMW M3 E46 by HPF

BMW M3 E46 by HPF

Internal elements of the engine were mostly replaced. Forged pistons, petrol pump flow increased RC Engineering injectors 1,200 CC and the methanol injection kit FJO. It was also used a turbine Precision HPS76, all horses created being “trained” by an engine management system from AEM.
Aerodynamics has also improved, the principal body being replaced with some carbon. Wheels Enkreuz HS10 19 “complement the image of this M3.
But the owner did not stop there, also suffered some changes inside for comfort and luxury. The price of these changes amounted to over $ 100,000.

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