BMW 7 Series Tune Up From MANSORY

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Mansory the Swiss tuner for exclusive limousines have confirmed to accent the BMW 7 Series F01 and F02 models. The revamping effort pushed on it touched both internal and external customization.

BMW 7 Series

For exterior MANSORY added a new carbon grille, front bumper lip and LED light for daytime run. Rectangular muffler end with diffuser rear rim, wind spoiler for roof and the exhaust – all of them were updated to entice.

The change made on the look resulted in growling sound from the exhaust. And MANSORY added more to the 7 Series luxury car. With newer performance kit from the tuner, the engine has reached a new level of speed and torque. Fuel economics is also maintained in the upgrading update. The car looks awesome and runs superb with the engine upgrade on the newly added larger wheels with wider base.