BMW has officially launched the new range of High-Security for the 7 Series, only to be the political class and the global elite.
The new sedan benefit mainly of ballistic protection against most weapons that could be used in an attack.
In an effort to provide the highest level of protection, BMW equips cars with special elements for reinforcement of the chassis, bulletproof glass and uses many other methods to protect the car against any attacks that may occur.

BMW 7 Series High Security

Like equipment, the new 7 Series High Security benefits from the vast majority of equipment that can be ordered on a copy of the series, including an intercommunication system, a satellite alarm and a special system with air in case of gas attacks.
High Security can be equipped with a support weapon positioned in the center console, detail important enough, apparently, with these models.
The new 7 Series can be ordered in two engine variants – 750Li and 760Li, prices not yet disclosed.

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