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Bikers’ World:
The World is full of motorbike enthusiasts who would come out of way to set their standards in motorcyclists’ community. Generally, we like to hide this fact. But, in many ways, it’s at the heart of all other reasons: In some way or another motorcycling will make you cooler than everyone else. And deep in their hearts, everyone else will know it. When you a see a motorcyclist going down the road while you sit behind a steering wheel in your car, you would always say this to yourself, it doesn’t matter what kind, you think: ‘Oh, that person is on an adventure! I wonder where they’re going.’ “You don’t think that about someone in a car.” You just think: ‘That person is stuck in traffic.'”
Using terms like “brotherhood” or “sisterhood” in applying the connection between motorcyclists quickly sends one down the rabbit hole of self-promotion. The idea of there being a special bond between the purchasers of a mass-produced item is silly. I am no more spiritually linked to other motorcyclists than I am other consumers of Kraft macaroni and cheese. And yet, and yet… there is something.

Bikers’ Bonding:
Depending on the country, you’ll be greeted by waves or nods or extended feet when you pass other riders. Motorcycling induces a small town friendliness among its participants, no matter where they are in the world. Showing up somewhere on a bike means people will go out of their way to talk to you, to share stories. If you’re open to this, you’ll find yourself meeting people with whom you might otherwise never have had an opportunity to interact—people from outside your socioeconomic/religious/racial circles. And you will be better for it. You will achieve a sense of freedom and confidence at the back of your mind. “Freedom” is such an overused word I sometimes question whether anyone really knows what it means. But I can’t think of a better one to use in describing the sense of self-sufficiency and independence that comes from the simple act of getting on a bike and twisting the throttle. And the sudden rush of adrenaline in your blood keeps your head up and the boost you get is unmatchable.
The freedom you gain from riding a motorcycle helps you appreciate the things in your life because you’ll know you are free to be a part of them—not obligated. The people and things you care about are things you’ve chosen to care about.

Bikers’ Brand:
Now get back to how you define yourself a motorcyclist with a style so that you stand out in the community. Your choice of motorbike and the gear you wear are the important things. While choosing a bike you consider the speed, horsepower and mileage along with road grip but most importantly the design and the brand. The brand choice is important keeping in mind the cost of maintenance you will get. So a motorcycle whose parts are easily available in the market at very lesser rates and maintenance doesn’t cause you much trouble is a better choice. For example Honda motorcycles are stylish design wise and Honda bike parts are easily available.

Bikers’ Style:
Similarly the choice of your gear also should be in line with the motorcycle you ride. The motorcycle clothing and the safety gear are an important component of your outlook as a motorcyclist. It defines how much you are considerate of keeping your style up and stand out in the motor biker’s community.

Motorcyclists’ Jackets:
Mens motorcycle jackets fall into two categories: leather and textile. High-quality textile materials are able to resist abrasion as strongly as leather, while typically coming equipped with Gore-Tex or other water-resistant membranes capable of keeping you dry in bad weather. Leather helps you look the way you’d expect a classic “biker” to look, though, and jackets made from it typically last (a lot) longer and fit more closely to the body. Textile jackets are often more affordable.
Like jackets, pants are available in leather or textile materials and should be equipped with CE-rated armor in the hips, shins, and knees. They should fit snugly, but be comfortable and allow full leg articulation.

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