Beijing Auto Show – MG ZERO Concept

MG Zero Concept was presented at the Beijing Auto Show, a high-tech car with smooth lines at the interior and exterior, made by MG Global Design team, together with designer Anthony Williams-Kenny.

Beijing Auto Show – MG ZERO Concept

This concept is 4 m long and has many features inside, as applications for driver and touch-screen technology for passengers.
You don’t know more info, but the press release must say more:

Beijing Auto Show – MG ZERO Concept

The MG ZERO Concept car is a great achievement made by the SAIC Motor’s Global Design team, led by Design Director Anthony Williams. It combines MG’s brand value – “individuality, charisma, creativity” with high-profile design concept – “UK Design”. From the very beginning of the design, it targeted on a group of consumers so called “G-90s”, aged between 18 and 28. To satisfy the psychological needs of this new generation of consumers, “Zero Restraint”, “Zero Distance”, “Zero Limit” functionalities alongside with “Everything Begins from ‘Zero’ Attitude”, leave them with plenty of imagination to express, realize and enjoy themselves.
MG ZERO attempts to meet consumers’ needs such as “individualism, novelty and hedonism”, which makes MG ZERO more visual-striking in the exterior, more fashionable in the interior, more advanced in electrical devices, more flexible in space partition and more user friendly in overall performance. Decals, fabrics and accessories can be customized at will. The rear light glass can be used to play video games, draw paintings and post Twitter messages. The interior light color can change itself in corresponding with the music being played in the car. All in all, the creativities derived from MG ZERO are endless.
The production cars, which are based on the concept car, are expected to be released in the 2nd half of this year.


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