Bajaj Chetak now more expensive up to 25%

It was only last month when Bajaj increased prices for the Chetak electric scooter for the first time. The Bajaj Chetak is available in two variants – Urban and Premium. With the first price increase, the entry-level urban version became INR 15,000 more expensive, while the premium version rose by INR 5,000. This price hike was announced when Bajaj was still taking bookings for its electric scooter. The two-wheeler giant has again significantly increased the prices of the Chetak this time.

This new price only applies to bookings made on July 13th and 14th. With this second round of price increases, the urban variant has become even more expensive by INR 27,620. In the premium version, the price increases by INR 24,000. It should be noted that the final prices listed here do not take into account the FAME II subsidy. With the subsidy granted, Bajaj Chetak prices will drop by about INR 25,000, making it a bit more affordable. Currently it’s only INR 2,000 cheaper than that Ather 450X.

model New price old price difference
Urban Rs 1,42,620 Rs 1,15,000 Rs 27,620
bonus Rs 1,44,000 Rs 1,20,000 Rs 24,000

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The bookings in Bajaj Chetak have since been discontinued. The current price of the Bajaj Chetak was shown via a popup notification during the online booking process. Bajaj had temporarily reopened bookings for the Chetak a few days ago, subject to availability. However, the company received a large number of confirmed orders from customers so it had to stop accepting bookings within 48 hours. The company has announced that it will review the supply situation and announce the next booking round.

Bajaj Chetak Premium Indigo Metallic side profileThe Bajaj Chetak has seen its price jump over INR 40,000 in recent months.

So far the Bajaj Chetak was only available in Pune and Bangalore. However, it will soon be available in Hyderabad and Chennai as well. It is still offered by selected Bajaj Probiking /KTM Dealers. As for the differences between the two variants, the Urbane variant has drum brakes and comes in two color options – Citrus Rush and Cyber ​​White. The premium variant has a front disc brake and a rear drum brake and is available in 4 color options – Velutto Rosso, Indigo Metallic, Hazelnut and Brooklyn Black.

Bajaj Chetak Premium Blue side profileOriginally only available in Pune and Bangalore, the Chetak will now also be available in Hyderabad and Chennai.

The Bajaj Chetak is driven by an electric motor with 3.8 kW / 4.1 kW (continuous / peak power), which sends the power to the rear wheels via an automated gearbox. Power is supplied by a lithium-ion battery, which offers a range of 95 km in Eco mode and 85 km in Sport mode. Charging the Chetak takes approximately 5 hours to 100% and 1 hour to charge 25%. Bajaj also offers a three year / 50,000 km warranty on the IP67 battery.

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