Back On Track for Renault With R-Space at Geneva

Renault R-Space Concept Preview Engines Car attracts the customers by its distinguished characteristics and performance at 2011 Geneva Auto Show.

Renault R-Space

It is the latest model of Renault R-Space series. It is manufactured with turbocharged 110-horse power three cylinders engine. This gives adequate and extra power to drive the car smoothly.

Renault R-Space

It’s a very highly speedy car. It can run for a long time without heating up engine. The cooler system helps to keep the engine cool. The fuel consumption is reasonable and price is also affordable to the common people.

Renault R-Space Concept is perfect for family hauler. The kids playing video game system gives further attraction to the customers. Renault is moving to reap the most of the Geneva Auto Show 2011 with the new R-Space.