Autoblog is live: The crew are playing 2

The world is a crazy place and this is a crazy time. Everyone is looking for a good way to relax, including us. To add fun to our lives, we streamed Eastern racing and driving games on Twitch and Youtube on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Feel free to join us Pull out, or Youtube.

So far we have played:

And we will trade in as many as possible all year round.

We also have a rotating cast of your favorite Autoblog editors who can hop on and off at any time and give us some behind the scenes information on stories they’re working on, opinions about cars they’ve driven, and even some hot attitudes to date News.

If you’re already familiar with live streaming and want to hang out, join us on Twitch chat, spam the now infamous Autoblog Dorito emote when you do something ridiculous, and let us wow you when our stream is hijacked .

If you have no idea what this means but you like cars and games, don’t let that intimidate you. Just sit back and watch the stream like any other video.

If you’d like to stream yourself, our setup is here:
Xbox One X.
Nintendo Switch
Logitech G920 road bike
StreamLabs OBS
AverMedia Extremec U3
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
Shure SM7B Mic
Cloud Lifter CL-1 (for the microphone)
ogee Quartet (audio interface)

We recently started doing merch too! You can check out our shirts, mugs and more here in our Redbubble Store.

I look forward to seeing you in chat!

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