Auto Body Repairs Your Car May Need and Where to Get Them

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You might try to save your car from body damage, but many times it is unavoidable. Some common causes of dents in cars are shopping trolleys, fallen tree branches, hail storms, car doors, tight parking spaces, and road debris.

If your vehicle has a dent, you should get it fixed as soon as possible at the auto body dent repair shop. Here are different body repairs your car may need.

Collision Repair

When two cars collide, the kinetic energy of both is released in few moments. The energy is transferred to the car’s body and the occupants. While seatbelt and airbags protect the occupants, your car’s body receives a major hit. If your car has met an accident (even a small one), you need to take it for collision repair.

Unlike old cars, modern cars are complex pieces of technology. Earlier, garages only straightened the metal and fixed the paint. But today, an auto body dent repair shop deals with high-tech material and technologies when performing collision repair. The technicians will repair your car to the manufacturer’s exact specifications, and your car will return to pre-collision condition.

Dent Repair

Your car may encounter several types of dents, and many times, you don’t have an idea how it happened. Here is some important information on different types of dents

  • Sharp Dents

Theimpact of sharp objects causes these dents. A forceful strike from a pointed/sharp object causes the metal to stretch outwards, and you have a high spot like a crater on your car’s body.

Sharp dents occur when two cars are parked very close to each other and passengers from other cars open their car doors into yours (ramming the door on your car’s body). Even stone hits can cause sharp dents.

  • Creased Dents

These dents occur when something hits your car’s body, and it is dragged long. Creased dents occur when bicycle handles or tree branches get entangled in your car’s body and are dragged along.

  • Round Dents

When circular things like baseball football hit your car’s body, it results in round dents.

  • Extreme Dents

These dents are irregular shaped and mostly occur when your car gets hit by another car and animals accidentally hit your car or vice versa. Heavy objects or people falling on your car can also cause extreme dents.

No matter what type of dent your car has, you can get it fixed at the dent repair shop. Ignoring dents can cause rust problems, long-term damage to the paint, and reduce your car value. Fixing car dents at the earliest will help you save money and enhance the safety of the car structure.

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Paint Repair

Scratches andpaint peeling are unavoidable. No matter how much you drive safely or care for your car, it is bound to get some scratches on the body. There are several types of scratches like primer scratch, clear coat scratch, and paint scratch.

No matter what type of scratch your car’s body has, it looks prominent on the car’s body and affects the car’s visual appeal. Hence, you need to take your car for paint repair to the auto body paint repair shop to get it fixed.

The car’s body is exposed to the sun, and harsh ultraviolet rays cause paint peeling, making your car’s paint look dull. A simple solution to this problem is taking your car for paint repair and gives it a fresh paint coat. The auto body paint repair shop uses the latest paint-matching technology to ensure all paint repairs match the existing car paint color.

Bumper Repair

Cars have bumpers on the front and rear. They are installed to absorb energy during impacts. The bumpers protect your expensive parts like cooling systems, expensive main engine parts, headlights, and taillights.If your car is involved in a minor crash, you may think repairing the bumper is not important. However, such thinking is wrong.

When you take your car to a dent repair shop for bumper repair, the garage technician gets an opportunity to inspect damage beyond the bumper. If you ignore bumper repair, you may never know about other additional repairs due to undetected damage.

Also, a damaged bumper increases the severity of a future crash. Hence, you need to take your car for bumper repair to the auto body repair shop.

Windshield Repair

Windshields are delicatein comparison to other car body parts. A severe shock or forceful impact on a car’s front body can develop cracks in the windshield. Windshield cracks not only obstruct clear vision but are also unsafe. Hence, you need to take your car for windshield repair if you see signs of deformation or cracks.

To sum up, these auto body repairs can help you keep your car in pristine condition and enhance its looks and safety.

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