Audi TT: Serious bang for your buck

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It is well known that Audi are the most technological of all car makers. They pride themselves on setting the standard for engineering and advancement, and while doing so they have made some truly magnificent cars.

Audi TT Serious bang for your buck

The Audi TT has long been seen as a bit of a poser’s car. Well that might be true, but who cares if you’re the one driving it? The truth of the matter is the TT is a real driver’s car, offering poise, precision and perfection on the road. It handles like a dream and recent models have the elegance of a ballerina while delivering enough punch to floor a boxer.

You may think that because new Audis are quite expensive a cheap Audi is non existent. That isn’t true and you can pick up some great deals by looking online at big websites such as Carsource. With over 100,000 listed cars, second hand Audis are in fact quite common. You can be confident of finding good quality cars on big sites as generally some form of vetting takes place to remove any dodgy deals. So sit back and search in comfort.

Used motors in general are much cheaper than buying new; some even carry up to 60% reductions in price. What buying a cheap Audi does is give you serious bang for your buck. If you look at the performance of the TT versus a typical second hand price and you will be pleasantly surprised. You’ll see sports car performance for the price of a family car. What’s not to like about that?

There is no denying the Audi TT is a technological wonder, just like other Audi cars. But that’s not why it’s special. The sheer excitement and pleasure you get from driving it means you always want to go back for more. In there with all the gadgets, Audi have created something extra special. Few cars take your breath away, but the TT does every time!

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