Audi TT RS by MTM is ready!

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Yes,it is true! Audi TT-RS by MTM is ready! Finally! What have prepared the Germans? Was it worth waiting? We have the strongest TT-RS? It remains to be seen…
We have to start with the beginning! 2.5-Turbo’s was the victim, the Germans favorite, stand proof that MTM has prepared no less than three power levels. Three power levels with the greatest gathering in one place 424 hp, 560 Nm and 292 km / h.

Audi TT RS by MTM
Audi TT RS by MTM
Audi TT RS by MTM_2
Audi TT RS by MTM

Those who believe this is too “impressive” may opt for other two combination: 402 hp and 550 Nm or 408 hp and 555 Nm. Or remain at 340 hp and 450 Nm, so how is TT RS standard.
Also, future customers may choose a new exhaust system, performance brakes or already-known bimoto rims, 19 or 20 inches. And that’s all…

Audi TT RS by MTM_3
Audi TT RS by MTM
Audi TT RS by MTM_4
Audi TT RS by MTM

We would expect more from MTM. We would have expected the most powerful TT-RS. But no, most powerful TT-RS remains at the AVUS Performance. Maybe MTM will try again…

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