Audi R8 tuned by MTM at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Auto Show 2011 unveils latest model of Audi R8 tuned by MTM. The iconic automobile maker with their ever increasing fan base made another footstep forward with Audi R8 MTM Tunes.

Audi R8 tuned by MTM

The twin turbo engine makes it impressive for high performance. It is a super car. The current speed of this car is about 217 mph and it can rise up to 224 mph after testing completion. It gets high speed zero to 62 mph within 3 seconds and 124 mph in 9.37 seconds after starting the engine. Fuel consumption is much lesser than the other cars.

The two doors system makes the car additional qualities and attributes to the auto owners. The exterior eye catching modifying design attracts the auto car customers. The inner side of the car is also highly decorated and fashionable.